Med School Mnemonics

List of a majority of the mnemonics created by my friends and I during school. Some are adopted from other sources and not all of them are entirely clean. Hope these help you study

Neuro MS1:

  • Thalamus Nuclei: LMNO – Lesion of Median Nuclei causes Obesity
  • Sympathetic Target tissue receptors: B1 = You have 1 heart (works in the heard). B2 = You have 2 lungs (works in the lungs) B3 = Fat has 3 letters (works in fat)
  • Neural tube zones: Mantle zone is for future gray matter. Mantle sounds like manta ray and these are gray
  • Drawing CSF from spinal cord: SL[E]DA. Soft tissue. Ligamentum. Extradural space. DuraArachnoid. CSF is in the subarachnoid space