Day 145:Winter Break for MS Year 1

dept56Department 56 – North Pole Collection

I am currently on break! We just finished Neuro 1. This theme was pretty hard. Logistically, it was broken into a midterm and final (the final being cumulative). We learned about all the cranial nerves and how we process and initiate movement (and 10,000 other things). As I sit here on my kitchen island, I want to recap some of the moments of the theme. Some things that I wish I knew before I had started the theme:

  1. “Yes, you are going to have to memorize that.” – anything that is related to Neuro
    2. Read this book, it has all the goods and can explain the basal ganglia to you in less than 2 hours.
    3. Check out Weigert’s Sections. This book will help. A lot
  2. Get a 3D understanding of everything. Where the cranial nerves enter the skull, where they exit, how the nerves travel to their final destinations in the face
    5. Create mnemonics for everything so you can learn it as fast as you can. Feel free to check out a list of my mnemonics on this site.
  3. The embryology that you will learn makes anatomical sense. Understand the organization of the structures in the adult brain and then reverse engineer where this would come from.
  4. If you ever have trouble with cranial nerves, check out this video (and other videos made by this guy. He is funny and does a great job with explaining placement.

It feels really good be on break now though. I am relaxing and getting ready for the next theme, which is cardio. It will be a nice change from the rote memorization that was needed for Neuro. I will be sure to include updates of the following theme. I am also going to start working on an ethics research project and will inform everyone about the question that I will be trying to answer. As of now, I know that it will involve Quality Improvement (QI).

Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and happy New Year!


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