Day -2: White Coat Ceremony

This is the ceremony that christens premeds into the life of medical school. This event is relatively recent, being that the white coat ceremony was first started in 1989 at the University of Chicago.

The speeches that I received were atypical amongst my other friends who are also in medical school. It was a very solemn and harped on the responsibility of the white coat. It was explained to us that we are receiving a mask – we are not yet physicians but society will not be able to tell the difference because we will have our stethoscopes and white coat. The speeches informed us that we still do not know anything (and truthfully, we didn’t) and they were also used as a ego check – we might have gotten into medical school, but there is still a long road ahead of us. 8-2-2016 was the day that I  and my classmates took the oath!

The reflection on the day was that the WCC was not a day of celebration – it was a day of accepting responsibility. A responsibility that the school and the general public has entrusted us with keeping.

Things I wish I knew about the WCC:
You do not have to wear a white button down. Choose a different color so it does not blend in with the white coat. Blue is navy blue are excellent options.
Take a lot of pictures. A lot. You may think you have taken a lot, but keep snapping. Trying getting pictures with other people in your class. You never know who is going to be your closest friend after the med school journey

~Song representing this time for me:
Closer (ft. Halsey) – Chainsmokers


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